Escalator Maintenance Services

Escalator Maintenance Services

Escalators can be of great use in many applications across Ontario. You can find them in hospitals, universities, airports and shopping malls. Moving people safely is our specialty and no one does a better job of escalator maintenance than our team of certified technicians.

Escalator maintenance is crucial because it can identify potential problems before they turn into bigger issues. Escalator repairs can also be costly if left too late. That’s why Alcor’s preventative maintenance package can save you tens of thousands of dollars in the long run. Here are some added advantages:

  • Ensures your escalator meets all provincial safety standards
  • Ensures all riders are transported safely, helping you avoid expensive liability claims
  • Regularly scheduled maintenance that eliminate unnecessary downtime by ensuring components are always in good working order

Office towers, condominiums and transportation hubs can all benefit from routine escalator maintenance with Alcor.

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If you’re looking to enhance the safety and working condition of your escalator, let our team provide you with a no obligation quote. From Burlington to Niagara Falls, see for yourself why Alcor Elevator continuously beats the competition for superior service and professionalism.

To learn more about our services, call Alcor today at (905) 538-0171 or contact us here.

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