Elevator Modernization Services

Elevator Modernization Services

Alcor Elevator is the name to trust for superior modernization for your elevator. When building owners are looking to upgrade their elevators, the possibilities are endless. From the type of application right down to the type of push button. Trust Alcor to keep your wants, needs and budget at a priority for all items.

Modernization includes:

  • A custom modernization
  • A team of certified technicians that are trained in the latest techniques and technology
  • Installation is scheduled and is completed in a timely fashion
  • Minimal disruption to daily operations

If you’re unsure what type of modernization is necessary, our technicians will gladly explain what can be done, how long it will take, and provide the most cost-effective solution.

Non-Proprietary Guarantee

Our promise to our customer is the guarantee that no matter the application chosen, it will be a non-proprietary system provided. Our superior service is guarantee enough that our customers will chose to keep us as their maintaining contractor year after year. We do not believe in locking our customers into one service provider. Click here to learn more about our promise and the advantages of using non-proprietary systems.

Alcor Advantage

Elevator modernization has never been easier with Alcor. Our team of certified technicians will walk you through the entire process start to finish. From a comprehensive modernization plan to a valuable preventative maintenance package, it’s no surprise why Alcor is the go to choice in Hamilton and its surrounding areas.

To learn more about our services, call Alcor today at (905) 538-0171 or contact us here.

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