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What to Know About Keys for Elevator Operation?

What to Know About Keys for Elevator Operation?

Posted by On 03-02-2020

The general public is not necessarily aware that elevators and their operation are restricted to several specific keys. The average person pushes a button located in the hallway next to the elevator and the elevator arrives. The next step is to enter the elevator and select the floor that they would like to travel to. Actually, the keys for operation of the elevator are broken down into four categories. Keys that are restricted to elevator personnel, like the elevator inspector or elevator mechanic, keys that are specified for authorized personnel, like the building superintendent, keys that are designated for emergency personnel and can also be used by elevator and authorized personnel, and finally other keys typically used for operation of equipment not covered in the first three categories. Let’s cover a few examples. Keys in Group 2 for Authorized Persons, people that have been trained and represent the owner, include keys for operating the car light control if provided, the escalator start switch on an escalator and the machine room or control room access doors to mention a few. Those keys that are restricted to elevator personnel include those to access the elevator pit or elevator shaft, those for operating the elevator from outside the elevator shaft and those for unlocking elevator doors to mention a few. These keys must not be available to the general public for safety reasons.

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