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Installing an Elevator in Your Home

Posted by On 19-11-2018

You may think that installing an elevator in your home is a luxury. Some people don’t even think it’s a possibility or that it may be out of their budget, but you may be surprised to know that installing elevators in the home is becoming increasingly popular, especially in homes with seniors or people with mobility issues. More and more people are installing them in their homes and find the option to be quite convenient for their lifestyle. If you have the space for it, an elevator could be ideal. Some clients even opt for installing an elevator instead of a staircase. Hydraulic elevators only need room similar to the size of a small closet––it really depends on your needs. These types of elevators work well in two to three story homes because they’re low in cost.

The Installation Process

Installing an elevator is a complex procedure that requires the proper qualifications and time. Hiring the right professionals that have the proper experience is crucial to home elevator installations. You won’t want any potential errors that can become a problem later and cost you extra money.

The first step for an elevator installation is to form an 8-inch pit in your concrete slab. For some customers, they may have a crawl space, and this can function well as the slab. As a result, the elevator pit functions so that the floor is even on the first level.

It is also essential to have your carpenter install wood blocking material. Some customers need to fire rate their elevator shaft––in any case, you must contact your local inspector to find out what you need. For more about installing an elevator in your home, the Carson Elevator blog offers a handy guide: The Steps of Installing An Elevator


The Proper Functions

If you want a functioning and long-lasting elevator, you must find one of the top elevator companies that you can trust. The right team of professionals will build your elevator shaft and set up all the wiring. Elevator professionals will want your investment to pay off, so you can enjoy your elevator as much as possible. Also, by having the right team for your project, you can rely on them to return and fix any potential issues or answer any concerns that you might have. If you’re making the investment into a home elevator, you’ll want to have as little hassle as you can.

Finding the Right Professional

As previously mentioned, installing an elevator is a complicated process. You should never handle one on your own unless you have the adequate training and qualifications. It is essential to contact an experienced team who provides top quality elevator services. Finding a reputable company can seem like a daunting task, but there are so many resources available online. You can also check out companies in person or over the phone and see if there are companies that you feel would be a good fit. All you have to do is do your proper research, so you can make the best decision possible, and have a stress-free experience.

Constructing an Elevator Shaft

To get to different floors, an elevator shaft must be put into place. An important step in the installation process is to construct the shaft, so it can travel. Proper measurements need to be taken so it matches perfectly with your home, and functions properly.

The Wiring Setup

Elevators need electrical components to function at their best. Once the process of creating a shaft is completed, trained professionals will set up the proper wiring, so your elevator can operate safely, and move as smoothly as possible. Always have your elevator specialist’s contact information on hand––they’ll need to return to maintain your wiring regularly to avoid future issues.

Choosing Alcor for your Home Elevator Installation

Our team at Alcor Elevators is a great choice for your home eler instavator installation because of our extensive experience. If you decide to hire the capable team at Alcor Elevator, we will provide you with all the steps needed for a top-notch installation. One of our greatest sources of pride is that our team is always here to serve our clients. Other competitors outsource their work to other companies, but you can rest assured with Alcor that we will answer all your calls and never outsource to another company. Since we are family-owned and operated, we treat our own clients as family and offer personalized, hands-on services. We don’t have any automated teleservices and are passionate about how we give back and participate in our community. Keeping it local means having the added advantage of having professionals put in the best quality work for your elevator installation.

If you have some kind of need, even at 2am, our team is available 24/7 for you, so you don’t have to worry and stress about the function of your home elevator. Our team of mechanics is also on-call 24/7 with fully equipped vehicles, and all the parts you would require. If there is a part that you require and it isn’t available at that time, our local distributor is only a short 45-minute drive away so we are equipped for all situations.

Get in Touch with Alcor

The team at Alcor is always available to speak to, no matter what questions you might have. You can visit us in person or contact us today. Our well-trained staff will take care of any of your needs and provide you with the necessary information about your elevator installation or maintenance. Give us a call today at (800) 811-0765.

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