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Do's and Don’ts of Elevator Safety

Do’s and Don’ts of Elevator Safety

Posted by On 17-01-2019

Modern elevators offer many perks including smooth operation, communication in case of emergencies, and quick rides. In fact, most of us take riding an elevator for granted. We push the button, step in, choose our floor and step off. We use them every day to go to work, in parking garages, and even at home to get to and from our condos.

Although you can feel safe riding in an elevator, there are many things that can make riding an elevator dangerous. Knowing how to use an elevator safely can help you avoid accidents. Here’s our elevator do’s and don’ts list to avoid endangering yourself and other passengers.

Everyday Elevator Safety Rules

In general, it comes down to common sense and courtesy when using an elevator. By being aware of your surroundings and watching out for fellow passengers you can make riding an elevator safe for everyone. You should use the following behaviour to keep safe:

The Do’s:

  • Do make sure you know the floor you need to visit before getting on the elevator

  • Do pay attention to the call button to make sure you are going in the right direction

  • Do stay calm if you are going in the wrong direction. Either push a floor button to step off or remain on the elevator until it reaches its destination, so you can proceed to your floor

  • Do take extra caution if you use a cane or walking device to avoid trips

  • Do take note of others using a cane or walking device to avoid knocking them when trying to get on or off the elevator

  • Do pay attention when getting on or off an elevator so you don’t trip, especially when leaving an elevator as it can stop slightly below or above the floor level

  • Do hold onto the handrail

  • Do stand next to the walls and away from the doors to allow others to get on and off more easily

  • Do use common courtesy when getting on and off an elevator to ensure no one is pushed or injured due to your rushing

  • Do be patient and allow passengers to completely leave the elevator before you try to step in

  • Do ensure you are holding small children and pets, so they don’t get crushed

  • Do hold the hand of children when exiting to make sure no one gets left behind

  • Do make sure large knapsacks and bags are close to you to avoid them getting caught when the doors close

  • Do press the door open button if someone is taking longer to get on or off the elevator.

The Don’ts:

  • Don’t use an elevator if a fire alarm has gone off; always take the stairs to be safe

  • Don’t stand near the doors if the elevator is empty to allow other people to board more easily

  • Don’t push your way into a crowded elevator, just wait for the next one as the elevator is probably at its maximum capacity

  • Don’t engage in horseplay such as messing with the controls, pushing, shoving, excessive noise, swearing, smoking, etc.

  • Don’t lean on the doors or push someone into the doors

  • Don’t put your hand in the doorway to stop the doors from closing

  • Don’t board a crowded elevator if you are burdened with groceries, a knapsack or anything that will make it uncomfortable for others

  • Don’t use the close door button to avoid shutting the doors on someone accidentally

  • Don’t forget to push your floor button so you don’t miss your stop

Elevator Emergencies

As we already mentioned elevators are very safe but because they are mechanical there is always the chance something could interfere with smooth operation. In some cases, their operation can also be affected by weather and blackouts. Regardless of the situation, elevators are still safe even if they stop unexpectedly or get stuck. You should know what to do if you encounter an elevator emergency to make sure you don’t endanger yourself or other passengers. Follow these emergency do’s and don’ts:

The Elevator Emergency Do’s:

  • Do stay calm, you are safe and someone will come to help soon

  • Do help keep others calm

  • Do try to push the door open button and if the doors open, look to see where you are and if you can safely exit the elevator

  • Do push the emergency button or use the intercom or phone provided to contact the emergency service, who will let you know what to do and can find you safely and quickly

  • Do wait for help if it is not safe to exit

  • Do make yourself comfortable and relaxed, as help is on the way

The Elevator Emergency Don’ts:

  • Don’t panic if the elevator stops between floors or gets stuck

  • Don’t try to climb out of the stalled elevator unless the doors open, and you can see you are safe to do so

  • Don’t panic that you will run out of air because it is circulating and will not run out

  • Don’t panic if you do not hear someone responding to your emergency call via the elevator system because there are some communication systems that only allow you to speak but cannot respond

Elevator safety is all about using your manners and making sure you are aware of your surroundings. Being courteous will help you avoid hurting others inadvertently, as will staying calm and assisting those who might need more time to get on or off the elevator.

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