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When it comes to elevators, there are two types of systems -- proprietary and non-proprietary. Proprietary parts are those made specifically for one particular elevator brand. They are designed by that elevator manufacturer, and are only sold to the manufacturers allied company. Non-proprietary systems, however, are generic. They can be serviced by any maintenance provider and the components can be easily obtained by any elevator repair company.

At Alcor, we pride ourselves on the fact that all of our parts are non-proprietary.

There is an unfortunate side to the industry that puts clients at a severe disadvantage. Many times, international corporations will provide equipment that can only be serviced by one company. This means clients are left paying exorbitant costs to obtain any required elevator part as it can only be sourced through the installing company.

Another downside is that proprietary systems can only be maintained by that manufacturer’s employees using special diagnostic equipment. In many cases, special diagnostic tools will be withheld, eliminating your opportunity to seek additional elevator companies of your choice to maintain or repair your elevators in the future. This makes it impossible for the elevator owner to take competitive bids for maintenance pricing. Ultimately, the owner is forced to do business with one company at a higher cost.

Our team is strongly against this practice. It’s unethical and puts consumers at risk. This is why we only work with non-proprietary systems. Replacement parts for our devices are easily available at a number of sources and to all elevator companies. Alcor Elevator will always give you a complete elevator system, which includes all manuals and its diagnostic tool functions. All components needed for troubleshooting and maintenance will be given to you at no extra cost. Nothing will ever be withheld.

Freedom of Choice Guarantee

Alcor Elevator backs its use of non-proprietary parts with the Freedom of Choice Guarantee. Our clients are able to use any elevator service provider if they chose to do so. We never lock our customers into a system that can only be serviced by us. Our quality of service speaks highly to our customers leading them to choose Alcor year after year for all of their elevator needs. Our promise to always use non-proprietary equipment keeps the choice of service in your hands.

Businesses in the Hamilton region trust Alcor Elevator because of our use of non-proprietary systems.. Working with a variety of trusted vendors lets our team create a customized plan suited to your unique needs. And best of all, we strive to keep our installation and maintenance prices as affordable as possible.

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If our use of non-proprietary systems sounds attractive to you, contact Alcor for a consultation of our services. Whether you’re looking to install a freight elevator at your commercial warehouse or a passenger elevator at your gym facility, Alcor Elevator would be happy to draw up a proposal. From Burlington to Niagara Falls, come see why we strive to be an industry leader for elevator service and repair.

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