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Elevator safety

Only one in five elevators in Ontario are in compliance with safety standards. That’s according to a recent report released by Superior Court justice Douglas Cunningham. He blames this low rate of compliance on poor preventative maintenance, which ultimately leads to long periods of unscheduled elevator breakdowns.

The Technical Standards and Safety Authority would largely agree with Cunningham’s report. The TSSA has recognized a significant trend of non-compliance during its inspections of the tens of thousands of elevators across Ontario. When safety standards are not met, the public is at risk.

Owners are ultimately responsible for the safe installation and operation of their elevators. But contractors and maintenance firms also play a crucial role in compliance. Behind those electrical panels are a series of complex codes. Allow our team to navigate them so you don’t have to. Here’s what Alcor can do for you:

  • Guide you through the complicated world of safety codes and standards
  • Ensure that your elevator or escalator stays compliant at all times with our exclusive tracking process
  • Identify deficiencies and get them fixed by our certified technicians well before the designated testing period
  • A tracking system that keeps all records of inspections at just a click away

In Ontario, the TSSA conducts periodic inspections of all regulated elevating devices. Owners get an emailed copy of the inspection report once it is complete. It is the owner’s responsibility to read over the deficiencies and get them resolved. This is where Alcor steps in. Our company can help you fix those deficiencies within the TSSA’s given timelines. Each time the inspector returns for a follow-up, the TSSA will charge the owner double the regular rates. It is crucial to hire a trusted elevator maintenance company as non-compliance can get costly over the long term.

Your safety and the safety of your passengers are our top priority. When you choose Alcor Elevator for your compliance needs, you’ll have peace of mind knowing your elevating device is in capable hands.

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